Cape Town YSA Convention 2024

Think Celestial

29 Mar 2024 - 1 Apr 2024

Dear YSAs,

"Please note, we kindly ask those who haven't paid  for the convention to refrain from making payments, thank you for understanding"

To those who have committed to be part of this great cause, thank you! 

See you at the Convention 🎉✨





"Welcome to the Cape Town  YSA Convention - a gathering of incredible individuals united by faith, friendship, and shared values! Embrace this opportunity to connect, uplift, and forge lasting bonds. Throughout the convention, let the spirit of unity guide your interactions, and may each moment be a source of inspiration. Remember, you are part of a church that celebrates diversity, embraces growth, and cherishes the journey together. Dive into the events, engage with fellow participants, and let the convention be a chapter in your story of joy, growth, and meaningful connections. Welcome, and let this convention be a beacon of positivity and shared purpose!"



Cape Town YSA Convention 2024 💥29 March - 1 April, 2024 💥“THINK CELESTIAL” D&C 78vs7